Become a member

NPPF members are private healthcare professionals with proper accreditation and in good standing with the relevant healthcare councils and boards as well as their associations. In addition members have to fulfil all conditions and regulations of Namibian legislation and to be able to practice and earn an income in Namibia.

The NPPF reserves the right to admit any member of such professions depending on their legal, professional and ethical status. This means members of the forum will subscribe to a code of conduct and will be subject and part of a balanced and fair peer review system.

What does a member need to do? What after all is different to my current association? The NPPF is a completely new concept in Namibia. Associations with their leaders have limited time, skills, resources and finance. Although they are generally manned by the most dedicated and driven personalities in each profession, they cannot do the job that is required to have a real impact in the current healthcare situation. Namibia needs a new tool. The NPPF is just that.

What do we need from our members? We need your membership, inputs and a monthly contribution of N$ 500.- If you think it is a lot of money you are one of many that has raised this issue during our Roadshow.

We understand and accept what you say and that it may be a concern. Please go back and work out how many patients you treat every month and divide N$ 500.- by the number of patients. If for example you see 10 patients per day at 5 days a week and you work for 4 weeks you will see about 200 patients.

To get the fee to become a member of this forum you need to raise N$ 2.50 from every patient you see. If you are unable to do that we will fully understand that you cannot become a member. If you can do it, however, you have very few other excuses.

This is the first time someone will do something for you and your patients while you can do your work.